Why hypnosis makes the perfect mixer

It's often asked why hypnotherapists combine techniques from multiple therapeutic disciplines.

Well firstly, hypnotherapy is based on the proven effectiveness of a specific therapeutic technique, hypnosis, rather than a specific therapeutical model. Models come and go, sometimes they fall out of fashion and sometimes they evolve. However the roots of hypnosis go back hundreds if not thousand of years and it's not attached to a specific school of psychotherapy so it's agnostic allowing practitioners the freedom to compliment it with other forms of therapy. We're able to move with the times, and experiment with techniques across many disciplines to determine what works best from personal experience, rather then being bound by a specific ideology.

Secondly, at its most fundamental, hypnosis is simply a tool to communicate directly with the subconscious. The application of this is so universally versatile that it allows hypnosis to easily and perfectly adapt and add value to practically any other therapeutic philosophy.

So if hypnosis were a drink it would be the perfect mixer, like tonic water or cola, in our eternal search for the perfect therapeutic cocktail.