How Growth Hypnosis can help

Find out from those who know, read other people's experiences of how hypnotherapy with Growth Hypnosis has helped them:

Smoking cessation

I went to see Dan 8 months ago to stop smoking, which I had annoyingly taken up again after a traumatic event. Dan not only helped me stop smoking, haven’t touched one since I left him, but also, helped me address some more underlying issues which had built over time. I felt rejuvenated, positive, and full of growth again. Would HIGHLY recommend as I have been to a few hypnotists in the past, and this was the best experience.
— Charissa, South West London

PTSD, processing guilt and intrusive thoughts

Dan is incredibly skilled - I wasn’t sure what to expect, being new to Hypnosis, but after only one session there was a significant shift. If you are considering seeing him, for any reason, don’t hesitate - it will honestly make a huge difference.
— Tanya - Publisher SW London

Insomnia and loss of appetite post illness

I came to Dan after a period of illness which had caused me to loose my appetite and a severe amount of weight. I had never had the best relationship with food but I had completely gone off all meals and was also unable to get a decent nights sleep. After just one session my entire life and more importantly health improved. I had instant results with my sleep- now getting a solid 8 hours nightly! Also my love of food crept back and my desire to eat returned also. I look forward to living healthily after the results of my hypnosis- My children and I Thank you Dan*
— Hayley, professional model, South West London

Interview anxiety, trauma and domestic abuse

After years suffering of anxiety and missing out many job opportunities Dan helped me to overcome the issue and also finding myself again. I am now in my journey of learning, work and other aspects Of my life in a much more confident and positive attitude. One word: GRATITUDE!*
— Deise, Biochemical Scientist , South West London

Anxiety and stress at work

Booked with Dan to try to combat symptoms of anxiety. After only two sessions I could feel the results and also have the bespoke recordings he made for me at home should I ever need a refresh. Highly recommend!
— Liz, Music Event Planner, London

Weight loss, eating habits and body image

One of the best things I have ever done. Dan gave me my confidence back. Dan puts your mind at ease from the first moment, there was not once I thought this was a bad idea. My life has transformed for the better, if you’re thinking about doing this, stop thinking and just do it. I promise you won’t regret it. Thanks Dan!*
— Christina, Marketing Director, London

Weight loss, sugar addiction and self esteem

Dan, thanks for releasing so many of my limiting blocks. My relationship with food has been transformed. My clothes are getting loose by the day. More importantly I feel so much more comfortable in my skin. Your professional approach and supportive hypnosis has helped me to move forward with my life.*
— Yvonne, Leadership & Management Coach, Author & Speaker, London

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

As a sufferer of sever OCD for many years, it is thanks to my sessions with Dan that I now feel I have a new lease of life and am more able to enjoy more of the freedoms that I previously restricted myself from.

Thanks Dan - I feel a new man.*
— Nicholas, West London

Smoking cessation

Over 40 years as a smoker and with many different substitutes and cold turkey attempts; just one session with Dan and I’m a non smoker and loving it. I can’t recommend Dan enough; he talks you through the process and gives some interesting insight into how your future as a non smoker will be. If you’re considering hypnosis, book Dan now. You won’t be disappointed.*
— Peri, Customer Relations, London

Smoking cessation

After years of trying different ways of stopping smoking and several hypnosis experiences. I’m now 5 months smoke free. Dan tailored my sessions to focus on my triggers and took time to listen and prepare me to stop for good. Thanks again Dan*.
— Simon, sales, Kingston

Recovery of childhood memories

I can’t recommend Dan enough! I was looking to regain some memories from childhood and in 2 sessions I found what I was looking for. He is kind, patience, caring and considerate. I left feeling very present and connected with myself. Thank you, Dan, for guiding me and for being so attentive.
— Claudia, Sales, SW London

Depression, regret, finding purpose

I am not able to express my gratitude to Dan! His work is fabulous!
Before the sessions I was quite lost.
Not knowing what to do in life.
But... just after the first session I could really feel how effective it really is.
I felt different.
I was Present...Calm and Confident.
For a guy with a restless mind who was going nowhere...
What a result!
After few sessions I’ve become a new person.
I am enjoying my life... my family and friends!
I have found purpose!
I have goals to achieve!
And that is priceless!
If You are sceptical.... like I was....about Hypnotherapy... do as I have done: Try it!
Believe me... You will not regret!
Do a favour to You...
Meet Dan!*
— Fernando, chauffeur, London

Clinical depression

To anyone reading this, don’t put off getting help any longer. Whatever your problem, I’m certain Growth Hypnosis can help you overcome it in a way far greater than you even imagined possible. Dan has an amazing ability to make his techniques and advice relevant to whatever struggle you have. Going to him with a number of crippling issues, he was able to tailer different techniques to tackle and fix each problem in just a handful of sessions. I’m still amazed at my transformation from the mental state I was in at the start, to where I am now. I’m so grateful to Dan for my new positive outlook on life and there is no reason why he can’t do the same for you*.
— Faz, South West London


Six years ago, I developed bulimia. It started off as a little bad habit, but soon exploded into an unhealthy and miserable addition. My relationships suffered and my health quickly deteriorated, causing me to be hospitalised twice. I became desperate and attempted a range of unsuccessful recovery attempts; these included counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy and even anti-depressants. None of these made me even begin to improve and I began to think recovery was an impossibility.
Since starting hypnotherapy sessions with Dan, my life has been completely transformed in a way I never thought possible. Primarily, Dan helped me to realise I possessed capabilities I was not aware of – the ability to step back from madness and truly relax. He possesses an insightful, professional nature which meant I always felt comfortable and relaxed when in trance.
As a result of only a few sessions and his attentive, continued support, my whole mind set and approach to eating began to change. My self-esteem continues to heal and I cannot remember when I last truly felt this happy.
Dan’s support extended beyond the actual hypnotherapy session as he promoted calmness by equipping me with strategies to help manage stress that I could utilise in my day to day life no matter where I was or what I was doing. He also helped me to understand my negative behaviours and positively change my bad habits. Dan encouraged me to complete little focussed tasks in-between sessions, which I believed has allowed for an enduring recovery.
I am now enjoying improved relationships with my partner, friends and family. My performance at work and quality of life has completely reformed and, after six years of torment and misery, I finally have my life back. As the hypnosis helped my bulimic urges to diminish, I now have much improved health, renewed energy and more time to spend doing the things I enjoy, with a new, calm outlook.
Thank you does not even come close to how grateful I am to Dan Stanbury and his support*
— Mariah, teacher, South West London

Binge eating disorder

I went to see Dan as I was having recurring issues with binge eating.
I was finding myself eating to buffer my stress and to stop feeling anything to be honest after launching my business and the stress that comes with being your own boss!
I have tried a lot of techniques and as a nutritionist and trainer I know exactly what to do but I had let habits take over.
Dan and I only worked together for very few sessions but I got such quick results with my mindset and focus and I haven’t ‘binged’ since!*
— Lucy, entrepreneur, South West London


I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone. You don’t have to believe in this type of therapy, but you just need to have an open mind to this kind of approach. Personally, I have suffered from eating disorders for 10 years, previously anorexia and more recently bulimia.
I have tried many things including drug therapy in hospital and 1:1 counselling etc . As you can imagine, nothing previously helped. When I found the Growth Hypnosis web site I was in a really bad emotional state. After a few months I can fully admit that trying therapy with Growth Hypnosis was one of the best decisions in my life.*
— Marta, student, Poland

Social anxiety, low self-esteem and depression

I came to Dan with severe low self-esteem issues, anxiety and depression to name but a few of my struggles. After one session I felt calmer. After two sessions I felt hopeful that this might actually work! Through a combination of ongoing CBT and hypnosis I have begun to discover who I am and regain control of my life. I am so thankful.*
— Sam, student, Cumbria

Social anxiety, panic attacks and depression

I saw Dan for a couple of sessions after suffering many years with anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I found Dan’s approach extremely professional and highly effective. Within days of seeing Dan, I was able to enjoy my life more with much reduced anxiety, my panic attacks were eliminated and my general outlook on life was increasingly positive. I would highly recommend Dan and his excellent, proactive, collaborative approach to anyone suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, thank you Dan for putting me on a good path ahead.*
— Warwick, business analyst, Wimbledon

Performance anxiety - playing piano and fear of criticism

I started learning the piano a year ago. Gradually over this time I found it more and more difficult to play during the lesson and began feeling very nervous and sick with dread each week. I had no idea what was happening and how to correct it except for giving up! I have now had four sessions with Dan and have very quickly and effectively made progress on this and other areas of my life that were impacting on the way I felt and behaved. Dan has a range of treatments that turn a troubling situation into a positive one. The treatments are sensitively administered and you are in a reassuring environment at all times.*
— Amanda, teacher, South West London

General anxiety disorder (GAD) and fear of flying

I had always been interested in the practice of hypnotherapy but I was sceptical at first, given the extravagant claims that appear on the internet. However, after my sessions with Dan I can honestly say I am a true believer in the practice. I have come away with so much more than I expected, not only do I feel more confident about flying but I now have a remarkable toolkit that I can draw on in everyday life. My sessions with Dan have changed my perspective on life and helped me to truly understand myself. If you are hesitating to book a session, please don’t, it may change your life as it has changed mine.*
— Katy, data analyst, South West London

Fear of flying

I was only able to attend one session but even that one proved very helpful! The process was clearly explained to me and I felt safe and comfortable at all times. Dan is very professional and knowledgeable and I highly recommend Growth Hypnosis*
— Lexi, student, Manchester


After one session I found the process really make a difference and after two sessions I felt that I could tackle most things. However, I have to keep on practising and working on it – it’s not all easy but when I put the methods Dan taught me to work then any situation I find myself in becomes clearer, easier and I feel I am able to calm myself down. Before seeing Dan I would no way enter a lift and always find an alternative route. Now I can enter lifts – go up and down easily and even go in on my own. This is something I would not have thought I could ever do. So it is work in progress and the more I practise then the easier it becomes. Dan is easy to talk to, calm and very professional. I would highly recommend him to others looking for professional help – it has definitely worked for me.*
— Amanda, entrepreneur, South West London

Fear of enclosed spaces and being trapped

After 1 session to reduce my anxiety regarding confined spaces I’m a different person - for me it really was life changing and I rave about Dans Skills to anyone I can! All I can say is give it a go, the brain is an amazing thing and it can be rewired, with a little help from Dan.*
— Rebecca, South West London

Mouse phobia

I’ve had a phobia of mice for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t so much of a problem in the past, but recently l been living with a cat who likes to show her appreciation with regular gifts of live mice. It sounds funny now, but at the time I found I was completely unable to deal with the situation. I’d freeze or have to run out of the room until someone else managed to catch and remove the mouse. I was a bit sceptical about hypnotherapy initially, but after a couple of sessions with Dan I found my reactions were greatly reduced. I still don’t really like mice but I feel my response is much more normal and I’m now quite capable of catching or chasing the little things out of the house all by myself. I’d absolutely recommend Growth Hypnosis for anyone with any sort of phobia.*
— John, television executive, Wimbledon

Confidence, self worth and body image

I contacted Dan to see if he could help me with body image and confidence issues; I wanted to feel happier and more positive when I looked in the mirror and to have a feeling of self-worth and acceptance. I have had hypnotherapy before (many years ago) and whilst being a little sceptical about whether it could work this time round, I was open to the suggestion of hypnotherapy and its possible remedy. In two short sessions Dan has put light in my life, given me a new found confidence and made me walk a little taller. Through a combination of hypnosis and CBT, I feel I now have the tools to banish negative thoughts, feel good about who I am and see that I have the power to create my own happiness. I cannot recommend him enough - he’s like a real life magician!*
— Georgie, self employed, South West London

Confidence coping with Vitigilo

I was very impressed with how well prepared Dan was in researching my particular issue and how he could help. At each session he had a clear plan and list of ‘tools’ for me to take away and continue my therapy outside of the sessions. Since seeing Dan his hypnotherapy sessions really helped me address my issues and provided me long term tools to manage my condition. I’m grateful for Dan’s assistance and would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering hypnotherapy.*
— Omar, professional investigator, South London

Confidence and performance enhancement in sport

I saw Dan twice recently before my first ever boxing fight. I was very aware how much the brain and “mind set” played a part in winning and wanted to ensure I covered this aspect of my training as well as the physical side of it.
I have no doubt at all that the hypnotherapy helped me win, the positive suggestions eliminated any doubt and visualising the fight from start to finish meant that on the night, it all felt familiar and not daunting at all.
The recordings also meant that I could listen to the positive affirmations as often as I’d like or felt I needed to.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dan to anyone who wanted to achieve a similar goal or dream or for anyone who wants the edge over their competitor!*
— Jade, recruitment consultant, South London