Growth Hypnosis will help you improve confidence & self esteem

Perhaps you’ve had it and lost it, or maybe you never had it at all. Low self-confidence and self-esteem can affect every part of your life often showing up in the form of other problems including depression.

Fortunately hypnotherapy has an excellent success rate dealing with confidence issues as it seeks to identify and remedy the causes or beliefs that lie behind. Sometimes it can be as simple as programming confident beliefs using direct suggestions.

Hypnosis can give you the right mindset to build confidence

However it’s important keep suggestions realistic, for example, there’s no benefit in convincing a novice rock climber that they are a pro, in fact it could be dangerous. The key to long term sustainable confidence is it should be initially grounded in reality while the client is given the tools to then build it gradually and organically in tandem with real ability. This can be achieved through the less direct approach of improving one’s mindset. If you expect to have to put in effort in order to improve at something, then performing poorly in the short term isn’t problem. If you have the mindset of an explorer then failure is just a stepping stone on the path of discovery. At its best hypnotherapy can help you achieve a mindset that is free of obsessive perfectionism, to one that is kind and accepting of yourself so that your confidence stays intact even when you’re experiencing set backs.