Growth Hypnosis offers hypnotherapy to change bad habits and create good productive habits which can transform your life

Hypnosis can also be highly effective for removing many unwanted habits or addictions.  As detailed in Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit, to effectively remove a habit for good you need to change it / replace it with a more helpful habit. Habits consist of 3 parts: the routine, which is the actual behaviour; the cue, which is the circumstance(s) that automatically trigger the routine; the reward, which usually boils down to a physical or emotional pleasure. To successfully change a habit you need to fully understand the cue and reward and then to find a suitable new routine that neatly fits between them.  

Growth Hypnosis follows a structured process to harness the power of habits

At Growth Hypnosis I take clients through a structured process to identify the habit constituents, then find a suitable replacement which I install with the help of hypnosis.

Of course many habits are good, such as brushing your teeth and checking you turned the oven off. They make us more productive as they reduce the mental energy required for mundane tasks, eliminating our resistance, making tasks effortless and freeing up the thinking mind to be more effective at taking on new challenges. Hypnosis can also be used to help instil positive powerful keystone habits which can literally set off a chain reaction to transform your entire life through the power of habit.