Growth Hypnosis combines hypnotherapy and Exposure Response Prevention to treat OCD

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In ignorance, OCD is often made light of within our culture. Some people jokingly refer to themselves as OCD because they are unusually neat or have a high attention to detail. But real OCD is no joking matter, it’s a painful anxiety disorder with the potential to completely dominate one’s life. Frustratingly, even close family members often struggle to appreciate how difficult it is to resist the symptoms.

It’s no wonder that when a client comes to me with OCD they are often down trodden and desperate. There is a sense that this is their last resort and in many cases it really is. So usually my first task it instil some hope. And there really is hope, at very least for an enormous reduction in symptoms, which for someone who has resigned themselves to living like this, can be experienced as a new lease of life.

The causes of OCD are not perfectly understood though brain imaging studies show that there are differences in the brain of suffers relating particularly to the function of the orbitofrontal cortex and the anterior cingulate gyrus. However it’s not known whether these differences are a cause or result of the condition. Nevertheless, there is a mountain of evidence to show that this is disorder in now highly treatable using modern evidence based interventions to rewire the brain.

The Growth Hypnosis approach is to combine the leading evidence based CBT intervention, Exposure Response Prevention, with powerful hypnotherapy techniques to catalyse the transformation, making the process easier for the client and allowing for impressive progress in a relatively short period of time.

With its emphasis on connecting with the subconscious, hypnotherapy has the further potential to identify and represses the sometimes unconscious root causes that maintain the condition whether it’s a deep seated belief or a traumatic memory.

See what a recent client had to say about his experience:

As a sufferer of sever OCD for many years, it is thanks to my sessions with Dan that I now feel I have a new lease of life and am more able to enjoy more of the freedoms that I previously restricted myself from.

Thanks Dan - I feel a new man.
— Nicholas, West London