Growth Hypnosis offer hypnotherapy techniques for pain management

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Safe and drug free pain relief

Hypnosis has a long and impressive history with respect to pain management.  Indeed it has been used successfully as an anaesthetic in thousands of surgical operations since it was pioneered by James Braid the 1840s, offering many health benefits over the chemical anaesthetics which are more widely used today. 
Less dramatic but more important these days are the benefits that hypnotherapy can offer to sufferers of chronic pain. Living with pain is a common experience to many people. Often the cause of the pain is not fully understood and there is little chance of ever getting a true resolution. Sufferers are often resigned to a life long dependence on pharmaceutical pain killers.

Growth Hypnosis installs mental tools to control the perception of pain

However there are alternatives. Using a wide range of techniques, including direct suggestions, visualisation and dissociation, at Growth Hypnosis I train my clients in the ability to take mental control over their pain, to have the power to greatly reduce* its intensity and its noticeability at will. This has the potential to replace or greatly reduce the use of drugs, subject to doctor’s approval.  
*The objective however is not to eliminate pain altogether, it’s there for a reason and it’s considered unsafe to block the important message that the pain seeks to convey.