Growth Hypnosis uses hypnotherapy techniques to help treat eating disorders

Does hypnosis work for eating disorders?

Absolutely! You may be feeling hopeless as you've tried nearly everything and nothing seems to work. At least that's usually where clients are at by the time they discover Growth Hypnosis. And it's understandable, eating disorders including bulimia and anorexia are generally regarded as particularly difficult to treat. This does not have to be the case. CBT offers some of the most successful strategies for coping with eating disorders, however it's my experiences that a CBT approach can be much more effective and work far more quickly when applied in tandem with hypnosis.

Growth Hypnosis seeks to disrupt the habit cycle that maintains eating disorders

At Growth Hypnosis we look to disrupt the eating disorder and its maintaining patterns on many fronts. We use multiple  CBT and hypnotherapy techniques to help you attain a more healthy relationship to food and a more objective self image, while at the same time, breaking the negative habit cycles and replacing them with more positive substitutes.

Once you're suitably committed to change, success can happen very quickly. Once a client sees the first signs of change and realises that it really is possible, it's amazing how quickly their motivation and commitment snowballs and their outlook for life dramatically transforms. After 6 years of living with the condition, one recent bulimia client had stopped binging and purging altogether by her third* session. To put that into context, using CBT techniques alone, practitioners would generally expect to put in about 20 sessions, so hypnosis has the potential to really speed things up and break the deadlock.
*Results and duration of treatment vary by client.

Feedback from a recent bulimia client

Six years ago, I developed bulimia. It started off as a little bad habit, but soon exploded into an unhealthy and miserable addiction. My relationships suffered and my health quickly deteriorated, causing me to be hospitalised twice. I became desperate and attempted a range of unsuccessful recovery attempts; these included counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy and even anti-depressants. None of these made me even begin to improve and I began to think recovery was an impossibility.
Since starting hypnotherapy sessions with Dan, my life has been completely transformed in a way I never thought possible. Primarily, Dan helped me to realise I possessed capabilities I was not aware of – the ability to step back from madness and truly relax. He possesses an insightful, professional nature which meant I always felt comfortable and relaxed when in trance.
As a result of only a few sessions and his attentive, continued support, my whole mind set and approach to eating began to change. My self-esteem continues to heal and I cannot remember when I last truly felt this happy.
Dan’s support extended beyond the actual hypnotherapy session as he promoted calmness by equipping me with strategies to help manage stress that I could utilise in my day to day life no matter where I was or what I was doing. He also helped me to understand my negative behaviours and positively change my bad habits. Dan encouraged me to complete little focussed tasks in-between sessions, which I believed has allowed for an enduring recovery.
I am now enjoying improved relationships with my partner, friends and family. My performance at work and quality of life has completely reformed and, after six years of torment and misery, I finally have my life back. As the hypnosis helped my bulimic urges to diminish, I now have much improved health, renewed energy and more time to spend doing the things I enjoy, with a new, calm outlook.
Thank you does not even come close to how grateful I am to Dan Stanbury and his support.*
— Mariah, teacher, South West London