Growth Hypnosis offers hypnotherapy techniques for IBS

IBS has reached near epidemic levels in recent years with approximately 14 million people in the uk suffering, one in 5 can expect to experience it.  It’s often said there is no cure, but there are things you can do to keep the symptoms at bay.
While the exact causes of IBS are not fully understood, it’s generally accepted there is a strong psychological and emotional component, which is why hypnotherapy is increasingly becoming recognised as one of the most affective treatments for bringing IBS under control. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)  recommends hypnotherapy for IBS. 
At Growth Hypnosis I take a holistic approach to achieve the best long lasting results, offering my clients a set of tools help free them from the symptoms of IBS, teaching them self hypnosis along with other life style strategies.


Evidence for how effective hypnotherapy is for IBS

New research into the treatment of IBS with Hypnotherapy conducted at the Withington Hospital in Manchester found that 71% of patients responded well to hypnotherapy and most continued to experience the same benefits over 5 years after treatment.