Growth Hypnosis can help you reprogram your thought patterns to break the cycle of depression

Sadness or depression is a common and natural response to many of life’s experiences, particularly loss (whether that be a loved one,  property, youth or status).  It’s never pleasant but usually if it’s accepted and processed in the right way and allowed to run it’s natural course it will pass. However there are 2 common pitfalls. On the one side we may avoid thinking about the issue altogether in an attempt to evade the feelings, however they simply go underground to fight long and protracted covert war within your subconscious, possible leading to many secondary disorders. On the other side it’s possible to get stuck in the habit of depression, trapped in a cycle of depressive, thoughts, feelings and behaviour that all continue to support and prolong each other.

Growth Hypnosis disrupts the cycle of depression

At Growth Hypnosis I look to break the self fulfilling cycle of depression by disrupting it at many points (the maintaining thoughts, feelings and behaviours): - generating motivational energy in the client to fight the condition, reframing and processing the original cause, challenging limiting beliefs and reprogramming the maintaining behavioural patterns.