Cat therapy

It's a fortunate coincidence (or perhaps a curse depending on your attitude towards felines) that one of the favourite napping spots for our cat Pushki, is the therapy couch.

Clients are often pleasantly surprised to walk into the therapy room for the first time, to find a cute snoozing ball of fur purring contentedly in between the couch cushions. Normally, to the moggy's indignation, she is gently picked up from the couch and placed outside of the room, however recently some clients have asked if the charming little thing can stay, at least during the talking part of the therapy. Naturally the cat obliges, and at no extra cost!

Actually this isn't as silly and indulgent as it sounds. Well it is indulgent. There is a good weight of studies and evidence indicating that pets promote relaxation and mental health, in fact a correlation has been found between owning pets and life span. So earning her keep by making clients feel a little more at ease, on their first visit, is a walk in the park for a cat like Pushki.

We do ask clients to let us know if they have any cat allergies in advance so that we can ensure Pushki is given the day off!